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My Unique Approach to VA Loan Pre-Approvals

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Do you believe that every key, no matter how ornate or plain, has a lock it's destined to open?” Just like that key, every veteran deserves a home-buying process that’s smooth, designed uniquely for them. Over three decades, I’ve crafted that key, and today, I’m offering a behind-the-scenes look. Let’s embark on this journey together, one where I unveil the path that’s unlocked countless home dreams.

Why You Should Dive into This Journey with Me

Through this read, you’ll not only gain insights into a VA pre-approval process that’s been fine-tuned over 30 years, but also get to know the nuances that make it stand apart. If you're a veteran, active-duty member, or someone who cares for one, this could be the guide to uncomplicate a usually cumbersome process.

Ever wondered why some veterans sail smoothly through loan processes, while others face hurdle after hurdle? Let's discover the answer together.

My Unique Approach

30 years. That’s three decades of refining, tweaking, and perfecting. When you’ve walked a path that long, you don't just have a process; you have a legacy. My VA pre-approval system is more than just a checklist; it’s a symphony of experiences. And guess what? I challenge you to find another lender that brings to the table what my team does. Have you come across any? Share in the comments!

Why Colorado and Georgia?

Living in the panoramic landscapes of Colorado and having spent significant years in the heart of Georgia, I’ve developed more than just a fondness. I’ve developed expertise. But why these states, you ask? Simple - it's where I've built my life, understood markets, and seen countless veterans begin their homeownership journey. Can any fellow Coloradans and Georgians relate? Give a shoutout below!

Standing Tall Among Equals

So, what sets this 5th generation Coloradan's process apart? It's a blend of diverse experiences and a unique background, enriched by an unparalleled perspective. My credentials include directing billion-dollar mortgage ventures, training thousands of underwriters and loan originators in the intricacies of VA loans, and managing the financial literacy program at a premier state university. These are just a few highlights of my journey.

Holding Your Hand, Every Step of the Way

Embarking on the VA pre-approval route can be overwhelming. But what if you had a friendly team guiding you, clearing your doubts, even if your plans were years away? With a simple click, you can schedule a chat with us, and we're right there, answering your questions. Remember, no question is too small. When was the last time someone genuinely took the time to listen to your home-buying concerns?

Holding Your Hand, Every Step of the Way

Starting the VA pre-approval process can feel big and confusing. But imagine having a helpful team right by your side, ready to answer any question you have—even if you're not planning to buy a home soon. With just one click, you can talk to us. We're here to help with all your questions. Have you ever felt like no one really listened to your worries about buying a home?

How We Help: Our Way of Doing Things

Filling out forms can be hard. But with our online system, it's easy and quick. In just five minutes, you're done. The best part? Our computer system gets your VA Eligibility Certificate for you. If there's a computer problem? Don't stress. Our team will help and make sure everything is right.

No More Phone-Tag!

How many times have you played endless voicemails games? With our efficient calendar system, that’s history. You pick a time, and we're there, discussing your dreams, ensuring you know each step ahead. Now, isn't that refreshing?

Understanding the Loan Approval Process

Most of the time, computers help approve loans. But sometimes, real people need to look at the details. While many lenders avoid this, we don't. We make sure that everyone, especially our veterans, gets a fair chance at their dream home.

If your financial details are in perfect order and our computer system gives you a loan approval, my team will quickly send you a pre-approval letter along with a summary of the loan. We'll also look over your closing costs so you know what to expect. This is great for those of you who are very eager to start house shopping.

However, not everyone gets an instant pre-approval:

Manual Review of Your File

Sometimes, our computer system can't give an immediate yes or no for your loan. This means a real person has to check all the details. Here's what you should know:

  • Very few teams in the country offer a detailed review before giving pre-approval.

  • Many lenders avoid doing this detailed check. It costs them time and money since they have to pay staff to look into files that might not even lead to a loan.

  • But we're different. We believe for you to have the best chance at getting a home, you should have this full review done.

In simpler words, if the computer system can't approve your loan, it needs a real person to take a closer look. This is called a manual underwrite. When this happens:

  • We'll wait to give you a pre-approval letter until we're sure about the manual review.

  • The manual review can be influenced by many things. For instance, we might need to check your rent payment history. If your landlord doesn't cooperate or says you've missed payments, it can be a problem.

  • Just so you know, people who get automatic approval from our computer system don't usually need to verify their rent history. But those with manual reviews always do."

Understanding Our Unique Loan Approval Process

Let's break down our loan approval process and why it's different.

1. The Basics:

Before you get an approval letter, we might ask for some standard documents like pay stubs or W-2s. If you're still in active duty, this process is straightforward. But for others, it might be a bit more involved.

2. Meet Our Processing Team:

Our team is top-notch. If they need something from you, they'll gently remind you at first. But if you miss sending some documents or don't respond, they'll follow up more assertively. Especially if we're working with a manual underwrite and time is tight. But remember, they're only persistent because they care and want to ensure your loan closes on time. I'm proud of every member on my team because they're skilled, experienced, and care deeply about helping our clients.

3. VA Underwriters:

We have some of the best VA underwriters in the country. I can vouch for this because I've trained and worked with over a thousand of them throughout my career. They're thorough and make sure you get the strongest pre-approval possible.

4. The Final Touch:

After the underwriters have checked everything, you'll get a loan commitment. This is your pre-approval, but with a few conditions like appraisal, title work, and, in some states, even termite inspection. It's one of the most solid pre-approvals you can have.

5. Your Time With Me:

Once your file is approved, we'll have a chat. We can talk about houses, the real estate market, closing costs, interest rates, and even strategy. My main goal is to make sure you know what you're getting into and to strategize with your real estate agent to land you the perfect home.

The Power of Personalized Planning

Large call-center lenders or even some local lenders might give you a one-size-fits-all plan. But here's where my three-decade experience differentiates: I believe in personalized advice. I’ve witnessed countless clients benefit from early property investments. As rents surge, owning a home in Colorado is not just a dream but a sound financial decision. Don't just pay someone else's mortgage; invest in your future.

Turning Your Dream into Reality

Purchasing a home is achievable. But, like any significant milestone, it requires planning, persistence, and the right guidance. With my deep-rooted expertise in mortgage lending and a passion for educating, I'm committed to making your Colorado homeownership dream a reality.

Unlock Your Homebuying Success

Ready to step into Colorado’s real estate market confidently? Let’s create a tailored plan for you. Reach out to me at 970-855-9009.

Contact me today!

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Disclaimer: Fred Gallegos is a licensed loan originator specializing in the states of Colorado and Georgia and operates this blog as a private individual. While he endeavors to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, this should not replace official guidelines and regulations.


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