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Veterans | Active Military | National Guard & Reserve | Qualifying Surviving Spouses

Are You In Search of a VA Mortgage Expert...  

Who Truly Understands Your Unique Needs?

My mission? Your perfect home loan. Experience personal guidance and clear information.

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Fred Gallegos: Your Guide to VA Loans in Colorado and Georgia

Making VA Home Loans Simple and Stress-Free

Fred transforms the complexity of getting a home loan into an easy-to-follow roadmap personalized for you.

Unlike large call-center lenders with inexperienced staff, Fred provides unmatched 30 years expertise and dedication. As a nationally recognized mortgage and financial literacy expert, his aim is to overcome challenges that veterans and active military face.

Here, he'll simplify the complex, answer your questions, and guide you every step of the way. But that's not all.

Key Benefits:

Personalized Guidance:

Unlike big VA call-center lenders, Fred works personally with you, tailoring strategies to fit your unique needs. This customized approach helps you make the most of your VA loan benefits.

Empowered Decisions:

Fred prioritizes financial education, helping you understand every facet of the VA loan process. This empowerment allows you to make more informed, confident decisions about your future.


As a local expert, and long-time resident of both Colorado and Georgia, he knows their real estate markets. Leveraging this knowledge, he can provide region-specific advice to help you secure your home.

Veteran Family
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"Working with Fred Gallegos was an exceptional experience."

"Working with Fred Gallegos was an exceptional experience. He consistently kept us in the loop, responded rapidly to our inquiries, and made us feel valued through our preferred communication channels. With Fred, we felt a sense of belonging and never experienced neglect."

 Tess Meyer - Colorado

Kyle Rasmussen - Broomfield, CO

Fred makes it simple, you make it home

With Fred, the VA home buying process is smooth and easy, paving the way for your first, or next home loan.

He doesn't just offer services; he offers a shared journey. He brings a personal touch that sets him apart from impersonal call centers and inexperienced loan originators.

His commitment? To transform complexity into simplicity and manage the overwhelming aspects of VA loans so you don't have to.

Take a step towards your dream home with confidence. Fred's here to guide you through every step of your home-buying journey.

Need an Understandable and Well-Crafted Plan?

Looking for a clear, tailor-made plan for homeownership?


Fred's approach is tailored, clear, and puts you at the center of the process. He provides a roadmap for veterans and active-military personnel in Colorado and Georgia that's based on understanding, not just transactions. With Fred, it's not just about getting a loan; it's about building a confident future in a home you love. Ready to put your plans into action? Let's start the conversation today.

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Active Duty

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National Guard & Reserve

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Surviving Spouse Benefit

Check Your Eligibility With A VA Loan Authority

Mortgage & Financial Literacy Education

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​Equal Housing Lender

Serving the States of:

Colorado & Georgia

970-549-1290   -   Colorado

404-985-9980  -  Georgia

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Got questions or ready to take the next step? I'm here to help.


I encourage you to reach out! My team is here to provide the information and support you need. Get in touch today and let's make the journey together.​

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Embarking on your VA Home Loan journey?


Let's connect and get started! Whether you've served in the military, currently on active duty, part of the National Guard or Reserve, or qualify for Surviving Spouse Benefits - you've found a partner in this endeavor.


Together, we'll navigate this path, step by step. Reach out today!

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