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Guess what?
Mortgages can be simple!

Need a plan that feels tailor-made just for you?

Fred can help you!

Fred Gallegos -Head Shot_Veteran Advocate & VA Expert
Veteran Active Service Family - Two Daughters

Make your home buying process a breeze!

Simplifying Home Loans,
one conversation at a time

Remember, mortgages don't have to be a puzzle. You CAN understand them. You CAN make informed decisions. And, most importantly, you CAN secure a mortgage without the stress. Fred is here to guide you on that path and prove that it's possible.

With 30+ years in the mortgage industry, billions in funded loans, and a knack for cutting through complexity, Fred is here to make your mortgage journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Fred Gallegos: Beyond Mortgages

Nationally acclaimed Mortgage and Financial Literacy Expert with a distinctive approach

In the complex world of mortgages, Fred Gallegos is seen by many as a guiding light, advocating for simplifying home loans for easy understanding and navigation.

Personalized Guidance with a Human Touch

Fred's work is driven by more than just transactions. With his engaging personality and razor-sharp focus, Fred aims to answer your questions and help you understand your ideal financing options for home or investment property.

An Expert with a Rich Background

Fred's 30 years in loan origination, directing multi-billion-dollar mortgage banking operations, and leading a university financial literacy program form a unique tapestry of experience. His educational background in finance and economics gives him a competitive edge, making him a reliable partner for realtors and buyers alike.

Discover the man behind the mortgage expertise

Expert enchilada maker, passable trout fisher, Buffs and Broncos fan, dedicated family man, and your trusted mortgage guide. Discover what makes Fred, well... Fred.

Fred Gallegos -Sitting_Veteran Advocate & VA Expert

Mortgages feeling like a puzzle? Wish someone could give you a clear, jargon-free guide?

Home_On Island_edited.jpg

Fred's your guide.
And boy, is he good.

Here's a thought:
Let Fred show you the way.
He's got the knack for it.

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, Fred is here, ready to walk alongside you through every step of the mortgage process.


His aim? To make your journey as enlightening and as free from stress as possible. With Fred, you're not just navigating the mortgage world - you're learning, growing, and discovering the best options for your unique situation.

Kyle Rasmussen - Broomfield, CO

"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my mortgage needs"

"I've turned to Fred for two VA loans and even recommended him to friends and family. His team made the entire process effortless and efficient. His knowledge was clear, and we were able to close quickly once we found our home. Trusting Fred with my mortgage needs was the best decision."
Cher_Happy Client of Fred Gallegos

Homeownership with

Heart, Expertise, and Care

Tailored Mortgage Solutions

Behind every smooth loan closing is a well-orchestrated effort

Ready to start your mortgage journey? Fred's expertise and personalized approach deliver customized solutions that set you on the path to homeownership. Experience the clarity and guidance you need to make informed financial decisions. 


Fred is just an email, phone call, or social media message away. Start a conversation today!

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